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Deadline for Registration is September 12

There are lots of ways to get engaged! If you are part a particular country or affiliate group, you can organize a reunion or get-together and post it as a Member Led Event so it appears on our website, then email to post it on the NPCA's new Community Calendar. Volunteers who help run the event receive special discounts and access. Finally, if you're really feeling generous, you can offer lodging to a visiting RPCV looking for a place to stay. It's a great way to meet fellow RPCVs, share some stories and make someone's trip to DC for Peace Corps Connect all that more memorable. You can also offer a spot via the Horizon mobile app and control who can see it, visit to get started. 

Be sure to register if you haven't already and bookmark the official schedule page for the latest event info. If you work for a company that would be interested in sponsoring the event, you can check out their sponsorship information here. To really make an impact, set aside September 21 and participate in the special 55th Anniversary Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.

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Key Events to Attend

Affiliate Group Network Annual Meeting

Thursday, September 22, 2016 12:30 - 5:00 pm
212 E Capitol Street NE

Walk for Peace - Peace Corps 55th Anniversary

Sunday, September 25, 2016 9:00 AM - 1:00 pm
University Yard, George Washington University

We welcome all who share an interest in world affairs and a commitment to volunteer service. Join us and share this page far and wide!

We have 1 official event and 3 member-led events coming up

View past events or contact us to send an event suggestion

Member-Led Events

There are 3 Member-Led events coming up

We encourage our members to lead informal gatherings and share interesting events around town.

  • Saturday, October 01 - 01:00 PM through October 03, 2016

    We're looking for volunteers to help out with a community building festival in Adams Mor... read more

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  • Thursday, October 06 - 06:00 PM

    The Board of Directors meet each month to conduct business. Following adjournment, visitors ma... read more

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  • Sunday, November 20 - 12:00 PM through November 27, 2016
    Ticket required


    I am very interested in taking an impact cruise to the Dominican Republic an... read more

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Only members can post events. Log in to your account or join us to post yours.

Every two years, we officially sponsor a grassroots nonprofit that shares our goals and values. We call this program our Partnership for Peace. Our current Partner is Atlas Corps.

A Towering Task is a documentary in development, envisioning a New Era of Possibility for the Peace Corps by igniting engagement of past, present and future stakeholders and advocates for peace.

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