Summer Barbecue and Elections


The Barbecue

Each summer, RPCV/W holds its Annual Meeting as stipulated in its bylaws. All RPCV/W Members and their guests are welcome at this catered event. 

The Elections

The BBQ is also when we choose our Board of Directors for the next year. Any active member may self-nominate and run for any position. Candidates may run for multiple positions and campaign in-person at events or use our Facebook Group to introduce themselves and answer questions. We usually hold an information session in the spring for prospective candidates.


The Positions

There are 12 voting positions on the Board. They meet monthly, hold several planning retreats and maintain constant email communication. They are responsible for managing the organization, serving its members and setting the agenda for a given year. Click the position name for a description and feel free contact any current board member to learn more.

The president is responsible for giving strategic direction to the Board. He/she runs Board meetings, co-facilitates retreats, troubleshoots organizational challenges, and serves as the face of the organization for media and events. The president maintains partnerships with NPCA and the NPCA’s Mid-Atlantic/nationwide Representative, Peace Corps, and other peer organizations in the region. Candidates should have leadership and management experience, patience, and rapport-building skills.

Vice President
The VP is responsible for coordinating and co-facilitating strategic Board retreats. In the President’s absence, the VP runs board meetings and fills in as Board leader. The VP runs and implements the Partnership for Peace selection process and reception, linking RPCV/W with local community non profits. Candidates should be well-organized managers with excellent people skills. Along with the Treasurer, the VP is responsible for ensuring that RPCV/W’s annual paperwork is filed with the IRS and NPCA.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing RPCV/W’s finances and cash flow. The Treasurer manages membership dues and event revenue, writes checks for all expenses, and provides monthly budget summaries for the Board. The Treasurer ensures we are up to date with NPCA membership and dues. Treasurer works on obtaining insurance for events and for the organization, as needed. Candidates should have basic knowledge of 501(c3) tax preparation, Quicken or similar finance software, be detail oriented, trustworthy, and organized. Along with the VP, the Treasurer is also responsible for filing taxes and other financial documents in a timely manner.

The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of each Board meeting and retreat, as well as compiling the annual report in June. The Secretary should distribute minutes in a timely manner and keep detailed records of Board decisions. He/she is responsible for creating and disseminating the weekly newsletter.   This newsletter articulates RPCV/W events and announcements. Candidates should be organized and available to attend meetings regularly. Experience in editing and newsletter design is desirable.

Outreach Director
The Outreach Director is responsible for ensuring that RPCV/W retains a robust membership and for building relationships between RPCV/W and community stakeholders. He/she manages the RPCV/W membership database and works to streamline membership sign-ups between NPCA and RPCV/W. Interaction is not limited to members, but also to potential members, (e.g. RPCVs visiting the area for career purposes, Med-evac’d PCVs, etc.). The Outreach Director seeks to find and address gaps in serving the RPCV community.

Mentoring Director
The Mentorship Director is a new position tasked with overseeing and growing the Mentoring Program. In 2014, the NPCA transferred ownership and operation of its mentoring program to RPCV/W. With the help of the Mentoring Committee, the Mentoring Director will set goals for the program and refine the system for training, matching and evaluating mentors and mentees within RPCV/W. He/she may also lead events and partner with the Professional Development Director on shared initiatives.

Development Director
The Development Director is responsible for keeping RPCV/W funded through non-dues revenues. He/she works with sponsors and donors, and runs the silent auction at the Holiday Party. The Development Director chairs the Board’s Development Committee, thinking creatively about new revenue opportunities and works to develop new, creative revenue-generating events and programs for RPCV/W. In addition, the Development Director is responsible for developing sponsor/donor materials (i.e. letters, forms, thank you notes, packages, etc.). Candidates should have basic fundraising or networking experience, have enthusiasm for building robust fundraising events and programs Taking pleasure in meeting new people and developing relationships (networking), leadership skills, particularly the ability to delegate effectively, and have genuine passion for RPCV/W and the Peace Corps.

Professional Development Director
The Professional Development Director is responsible for developing and implementing RPCV/W’s Professional Development Initiative (PDI).  The aim of the PDI is to better connect RPCVs with each other along career lines. The Professional Development Director organizes career information events, speed networking events, formal panel discussions with RPCVs representing various industries, and mentoring programs for recently-returned volunteers.

Special Events Director
The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of RPCV/W’s three signature events: The Annual Holiday Party, Annual Wreath Laying Event and Annual Summer BBQ. He/she works closely with venues, catering, and the Development Director to secure sponsors and donations. Candidates should have event planning experience, be able to delegate responsibilities to the board, and have a sense of humor!

Community Service Director
The Community Service Director is responsible for integrating the community service component to RPCV/W. He/she identifies local opportunities to engage in service projects. The Community Service Director assists the VP with Partnership for Peace. Candidates should have a passion for service and be able to bring diverse groups of people together.

Social Director
The Social Director is responsible for coordinating social events for RPCV/W members, including happy hours, family events, camping, cooking classes, wine tasting tours, etc. This person will also organize our Annual Cherry Blossom Picnic. He/she coordinates sign-up sheets and name tags at events, coordinates with local venues, and encourages members to meet each other and establish connections and friendships. Candidates should be outgoing, organized, and fun!

PR Director
The Public Relations Director is responsible for making sure events are adequately publicized and that fresh content is regularly shared on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the RPCV/W website. This person is also responsible for responding to inquiries from members, the media and the general public. He/she works closely with the Membership Director on maintaining the member database, with the Secretary on prepping the newsletter and with other board members to support their initiatives. Candidates should have basic knowledge of website management and online applications and working knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The Historian is a nonvoting, appointed position who works closely with the PR Director to tell the story of RPCV/W from its early years to the present. The Historian helps us track down and archive important documents, interviews founding members of RPCV/W and fact-checks official documents. He/she may also lead events that relate to the history of the Peace Corps community. This year, the Historian will be tasked with proposing a plan to digitize and index our physical documents.

How to Run

To get on the ballot, email Indicate the position you are interested in and provide a brief bio of yourself describing your Peace Corps service, what you do in DC, and what you wish to pursue as a leader of RPCV/W.  

Online voting will be held for one week before the BBQ. Members who wish to withold their votes may do so and vote at the BBQ. The votes are tallied at the event and announced to the group.

July is typically an off-month, members of the new board begin their terms in August and the first major planning meeting is held in September.

Click here for a PDF of 2015-2016 Board Positions and Nomination Directions

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