Environment Awareness Day in Columbia Heights

On Saturday, October 20th, Housing Counseling Services invited RPCV/W to their community center in Columbia Heights, Faircliff Plaza West, a center for low-income residents in the DC neighborhood.

comserv1.jpeg Eleven members and guests from RPCV/W attended for a morning of environment awareness building and fun with recycled art projects. The volunteers worked with the community center kids to make posters, wallets from milk and juice cartons, bracelets from candy and snack wrappers, and the most exciting project of the day, glasses from used wine bottles. The RPCVs enjoyed using the skills they developed during their Peace Corps skills to teach kids about the environment in a fun way using items that they can find in their own homes.


The morning was big success, with many children from the residences coming to enjoy the recycled art projects and a lunch provided by Housing Counseling Services. Thank you to Faircliff Plaza West for hosting RPCV/W for the morning of recycling fun. We look forward to returning!

Cara George, RPCV/W Community Service Director, 2012-2013

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