2011-2013: Language ETC

2011-2013 Partner in Peace
Language ETC is a community-based program offering English and literacy training to low-income adult immigrants in the greater Washington area since 1993.

In addition to an award of $2,000 raised at the 2011 Holiday Party's silent auction, RPCV/W is partnering with Language ETC for shared events that promote Peace Corps' Third Goal. 

Interested in teaching another language?
 Volunteer with LETC!

Volunteers assist as: 

An ESL teacher
A citizenship teacher
A tutor
A Language Lab teacher
A computer lab aide
A Spanish literacy teacher (native or fluent Spanish-speaker) 
A Conversation Group leader
Assisting students with resume and interview preparation
Assisting with our newsletter
Office Duties
Outreach and Fundraising

To learn more about volunteers, read LETC's Volunteer Handbook.

There are three 12-week terms per year and an abbreviated 6-week summer session:
• Fall Term: mid September – early December
• Winter Term: mid January – end of March
• Spring Term: mid April – end of June
• Summer Term: mid July – end of August
During the three 12-week terms classes meet at the following times:
• Monday-Thursday, 7 – 9pm
• Tuesday and Thursday, 10am – 1pm
• Saturday and Sunday, 2 – 5pm
• Sunday, 9am – 12pm
Classes during the 6-week Summer session meet at the following times : 
• Monday-Wednesday, 6:30 – 8:30pm
• Tuesday and Thursday, 10am – 1pm
• Saturday and Sunday, 2 – 5pm
Volunteer Commitment:
The volunteer commitment for teaching is 1 day per week, 2-3 hours per week for the 12-week term. In addition, teachers must attend an orientation and one additional training workshop during the term. The volunteer commitment for tutoring is 1 day per week, 1 hour per week through the end of the current term.

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