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Academy of Hope

Every two years, we officially sponsor a grassroots nonprofit that shares our goals and values. In addition to awarding them a cash grant based on the proceeds of our yearly silent auction, we advertise their events through our social network and help them organize volunteers for their activities.

Applications are handled through an RFP process run by the RPCV/W Vice President, who organizes a subcommittee and chooses three finalists. The finalists are included on the annual ballot for the RPCV/W Board of Directors, which is brought to a vote before the entire RPCV/W Membership, usually in late June.

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Current Partner

Liberty's Promise

LP_logo.pngLiberty’s Promise runs 10 after-school programs of civic engagement in eight locations around the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for low-income, high school, immigrant youth. These programs run for 10 weeks in the spring (March-May) and again for 10 weeks in the fall (October-December). We invite guest speakers to our programs to inform students about college options, career opportunities and community involvement. Also, students have the opportunity to bond with their classmates on field trips to historic locations in the area while learning more about their community.

To make a donation to this outstanding organization, please click here

Total Amount Awarded: $3,500

We targeted our Community Service programming to support the activities of Liberty's Promise, particularly in hosting job-interview and career preparation workshops in Gaithersburg, Tacoma Park, and Rockville communities. See our Facebook page for more pictures.



Washington English Center (formerly Language ETC)

wec_logo.pngLanguage ETC was our Partner in Peace for two years in a row, during which time we were able to award them $6,800 that went toward providing English language learning, access to technology, and life-skill programs to low-income adult immigrants in the Washington metropolitan area. They're based in Columbia Heights and always open to volunteers who want to teach English or life skills in their free time. 


Academy of Hope 

AOH_logo.jpgAcademy of Hope provides high quality adult basic education in a manner that changes lives and improves the community.

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Latin American Youth Center

LAYC.Logo.lowres.gifThe Latin American Youth Center is a nationally recognized multi-cultural, multi-service agency serving all low-income youth across the District of Columbia and in Maryland's Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. 

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  • commented 2014-05-09 12:15:34 -0400
    Hi Eileen, we will be opening up a request for proposals in the coming weeks, select three finalists, and our members will vote on the winner in late June.
  • commented 2014-03-18 12:07:30 -0400
    When does sponsored org for 2015 get decided? July?
  • commented 2013-08-15 22:15:36 -0400
    Liberty’s promise will get a custom page front and center. We need to connect with them and find out what they want to have featured.
  • commented 2013-08-15 22:13:49 -0400
    Suggest to adjust the dates because 2013 is Liberty’s Promise as well
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