Steve Kaffen

Hi! I am a former PC/Russia Volunteer (1994-96; business development). My sites were Rostov-on-Don and then Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) near Moscow. Like many returned Volunteers, I worked at Peace Corps in HQ (2003-11), in the Office of Inspector General - the best job for me ever as I got to visit 35 PC countries and to know amazing staff and Volunteers. I left PC after 8 years (time limits) for National Endowment for the Arts, the SEC, and now USAID, where I am reviewing their Ebola activities.

I have written a book (Unexpected Journey, Adventures and Encounters in East Asia - and am finalizing the second on South Asia. They deal with the Asia part of a four year trip around the world, mostly overland. These books contain lots of photos - the second one has 150 of the 9 countries in the book. My diary at Peace Corps Russia - with descriptions of that transformational period - will be a next book, and I'm seeking Russia photos for this book.

I live at Dupont Circle in D.C. Going backwards from the present: LA, SF, Paris, NYC, Baltimore, NYC.

I try to take a trip each year, and I attend soccer's World Cup every four years. Just before leaving for Peace Corps/Russia, I wrote the policies/procedures for the USA's World Cup in 1994 and served as the Rose Bowl finance manager. The last two World Cups, in Brazil and South Africa, were particularly special for these countries' local color and spirit.

So...there we are. I look forward to meeting you!

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Steve Kaffen

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Russia 1994-1996
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Washington, DC