2021 Call for Nominations

RPCV/W is more than a Facebook group and a newsletter! We are a small non-profit organization with a Board of Directors that plans events and other programs to connect RPCVs to each other and opportunities. Our Mission is below. We are recruiting 2 new board members: Data Analytics & Knowledge Management Director and Community Service Director. Requirements are also included below. Our mandatory meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm EST. Read more about joining the board here


RPCV/W Mission Statement:


To foster a collaborative, inclusive, and anti-racist community of RPCVs, family, friends, and supporters in the Washington D.C. area by providing a space for all RPCVs (including Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to engage, develop, support and connect with one another while they adapt to the different phases of life; and to provide professional and personal development and service opportunities for its members to give back to the D.C. community. 

Community Service Director

Essential Qualifications: Requires strong networking skills with local nonprofits, event planning, and volunteer management.

What a successful candidate looks like: Will have successfully worked with nonprofit organizations to plan volunteer events with 8-10 attendees per activity.

Event Planning

  • Plans and carries out monthly community service projects.
  • Point of contact for local organizations in need of volunteer assistance.
  • Maintains relationships with socially minded organizations.

Analytics and Knowledge Management Director

Essential Qualifications: Evaluates existing RPCV/W information systems and organizes knowledge and information assets in an easy-to-use way to improve efficiencies and facilitate forward movement for RPCV/W. Requires technical and analytical skills with an understanding of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or interest in learning. RPCV/W currently uses NationBuilder (campaign software) for member and website management. This position should build up the board’s capacity to collect and use data, clean and maintain member data within NationBuilder.

What a successful candidate looks like: Will have successfully worked in Knowledge Management, monitoring and evaluation, data management and/or has extensive report writing experience. 

Knowledge Management

  • Collaborates with each director to identify their informational and organizational needs.
  • Following initial assessment, establish KM plan to begin implementation by mid-year.
  • Works with Communications Director to develop resources based on gaps identified in assessment. 
  • Supports creation of robust annual report and public-facing archive of historical information for members.


  • Manages member accounts and other data in back-end of the website.
  • Cleans and maintains the membership database and inputs monthly due payments. 
  • Troubleshoots technical issues with member accounts. 
  • Works with other Directors to promote the collection and use of data.
  • Manages the database and website processes.

Event Planning

  • Supports the Special Events Director with data and information to promote special events as designated by the board. Sits on the Special Events committee.


If you are interested in either position, please email [email protected] by May 24th by 11:59pm with a 250 words nomination or self nomination that includes:

  • Position of interest
  • Relevant experience
  • Motivation for nomination
  • Confirmation you have the first Wednesday of each month evenings free