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RPCV/W's 50th Anniversary Event Report

March 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

As you very well know, the three events held at Arlington National Cemetery to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps on September 25, 2011 marked a very special day for our community. Thousands of RPCVs and their friends and families came together from around the world to share in this experience. Thanks to your tireless devotion to this cause, the 50th Anniversary events of September 25 are regarded as a resounding success. However, we, as heads of the RPCV/W 50th Anniversary Leadership Committee, will fail if we do not properly pass on to future generations how you did this. Again with your support, we have completed the official RPCV/W 50th Anniversary Report. Click Here to find your copy of the report.

Thank you again for all that you do!


Kristina J. Owens and Chris Austin

Additional documents and Appendices to the 50th Report

APC Program Booklet: This document was printed and handed out to thousands of RPCVs who attended the Arlington Presentation

APC GANTT chart This document helped the APC and WOFC to breakdown many of the required efforts in order to be successful in planning these event. Assistance was given to the APC by the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

September 25, Show Flow This document was developed by all the APC and WOFC to identify what would happen from 7am to 3pm.

Speakers Packet Peace Corps 50th Anniversary staff provided assistance in this effort as well. Peace Corps 50th Staff provided guidance on developing this key document which was delivered to each of the Speakers. Copies were also provided to key leaders

Volunteer info Packet for WOF & Arlington: For all committees the Volunteer Director Mr. Robinson and each committees volunteer coordinators developed these key packets for the over 100 volunteers who provided logistical support.

Fundraising Documents: These are examples of letters written for requesting in-kind and monetary donations:50thTribute.doc;General Outreach Letter Draft.doc;SADonation2011Letter.doc; In-kind donation letter with sponsorship levels.doc

Walk of Flags Documents: 2001-Letter fireboat.pdf;2011.3_Logistic Notes.docx;2011.3_Logistic Planning.docx;2011.6.18_LogisticsPlan.doc;

Letters to Arlington and the Military: These formal letters were written to formally request the use of the space, equipment etc.Wreath Laying-request082911.pdf;

National Park Service Documents: These documents are records of our permits and our request for blocking of the required roads for the WOF NPS packet.pdf

NPCA WorldView Article: Read about RPCV/W's three 50th events:

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