Back on - Call for Articles

Now that the website is functional and the pageviews are growing, we're bringing back our regular blog. Contributions are welcome.

Our blog is the ongoing narrative of our organization. In addition to offering news and event updates, we would like to open it up to contributors outside the RPCV/W Board of Directors. What are we looking for? Here are some pitches I've heard:

  • Stories of meeting RPCVs in DC and forming lasting connections
  • Reflections on RPCV/W events that moved you
  • Descriptions of RPCV workplace groups and their activities
  • First-person accounts of early RPCV/W meetings and events
  • Articles on interesting, Peace Corps-related facts and trivia
  • Well-thought out commentary or proposals to improve the agency
  • Interesting data, infographics, maps and graphs about Peace Corps topics
  • Recommendations for RPCVs looking for work in a given field
  • Recommendations for RPCVs climbing the ladder in the workplace
  • Stories behind local RPCV-run businesses and organizations
  • Stories from the field by members doing interesting things

Anything applicable to RPCV/W members or the DC Peace Corps community that isn't a commercial advertisement, an overt fundraising pitch, a personal diatribe or anything else that you wouldn't want to frame and hang up in your office. 

Direct quotes, pictures and links to sources are especially encouraged. This is a good opportunity for our members to offer their thoughts on certain issues and for budding journalists to take an advanced role in the organization. Please contact me at [email protected] or find me at the next event if you'd like to get published!