Letter from RPCV/W President - End of 2020

Dear RPCV/W Community,

2020 was a year no one expected. This has been a year of challenges, sadness, reckoning, and reflection. In this maelstrom of events, there has been one word that holds true: community. What does it mean to be a member of a community? A member of the Washington DC/DMV community? A member of the RPCV or international community? A member of a community whose government leaves so many behind despite claims of unity and exceptionalism? 

It has been a time to listen and support one another. It has been a time to act collectively and practice mutual aid. It has been a time to hold each other accountable. It has been a time to reflect on systemic issues such as racism and injustice and to recognize our place in these systems and how we can use our privileges to fight for a better world. It has been a time to put ego aside and think of the greater good, more than ever. 

RPCV/W has not always done its best to support everyone in our community, but we thank you for holding us accountable. As the year turns the corner and 2021 begins, RPCV/W looks forward to continued opportunities to grow and learn together. While the vaccine rolls out, we will provide a space for RPCVs to connect virtually in social, professional and service-oriented capacities. We hope to see you in person soon, but for now, we will be here, online, doing what we can to nourish this community. Thank you for joining us.

RPCV/W wishes you and your loved ones a warm and lovely holiday season. Special thank you to those who have been working the frontlines in healthcare during this pandemic, the frontlines of the fight for racial justice, or the frontlines of society as an essential worker. Your efforts are the heartbeat of our community.

See you in 2021!



Jenna Smith

RPCV/W President 2021