Harris Wofford awarded Presidential Citizen's Medal

Senator Wofford is one of the founding fathers of the Peace Corps and a long-time member of our group.

RPCV/W congratulates Senator Harris Wofford on being awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal, our nation's second highest civilian honor.

Senator Wofford is one of the founding fathers of the Peace Corps, and has dedicated his life to serving the public good. His list of accomplishments is far too big for any blog post, and we will leave it to the Peace Corps, Americorps, and the White House to summarize his expansive career. Check out this video tribute while you're at it.

What matters most to us is that Senator Wofford is a dedicated member of RPCV/W and a fixture at many of our events, always open and ready to engage. He is more active than most government agencies on a wide range of causes, bringing expansive insight gained from five decades of top-level experience. 

Senator Wofford is a friend to volunteers of all types. A conversation with him is a priceless opportunity, and we are grateful to include him in our number. Be sure to introduce yourself and offer congratulations the next time you see him. Tell him about what you do, and how you got into volunteering. Chances are, your experiences, and the experiences you share with others, are the product of his life's work.