2013 Presidential Inauguration Parade



Application for the Presidential Inaugural Parade was Officially Submitted!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 3:12 PM | Corey Taylor
Dear Fellow RPCVs,
With some nimble footwork, RPCV/W's Inaugural Parade Subcommittee was able to submit its application on time for the Inaugural Parade selection process.  After the National Capital Region-Joint Team Parade (JTM) gathers all the applications, they'll be reviewed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC).  We should know of their decision by mid-December.  Until then, I'll keep you posted on any relevant news for this effort.  Wish us luck!
Also, anyone wishing to contact me regarding the parade can reach me at [email protected].  Until then, I hope each of you have a Thanksgiving full of kindness and appreciation.

Take Care,
Corey Taylor
Inaugural Parade Director
RPCV, Benin 

The Second Inaugural Parade Subcommittee Meeting

Monday, October 22, 2012 7:54 PM | Corey Taylor
The Second Inaugural Parade Subcommittee meeting had a pretty energetic turnout on Thursday Oct.18th.  Board members, past and present, in addition to non-Board members, rounded out the fellowship of nine individuals willing to apply their logistical skills to the parade.  We're anticipating participation from the larger Returned Volunteer Community, as was the case in previous parades, with participants possibly coming from across the nation.  
But before any of that can happen, the Subcommittee will have to comply with the application of the Joint Task Force-National Capital Region Committee (JTF-NCR).  That group is composed of military officials operating on a non-partisan basis, providing security and logistics to the parade.  We're always interested in getting additional support, and we'll need many hands to help this succeed on January 21st 2013.  The Third Inaugural Parade Subcommittee Meeting will take place at the Reef in Adams Morgan on Monday Oct. 29th, 6:30pm!

Perhaps we'll see you there!
Corey Taylor
Small Enterprise Development Volunteer