Jasmine Linck

I served in the English Teacher Training program in a village in Panama, working with teachers and students from kindergarten through 10th grade.  I also led and/or facilitated a variety of Panamanian and American cultural sharing activities, environmental education, professional development seminars and youth leadership development.

I have an MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution through George Mason University, with the eventual goal of supporting the United States' position on the world stage, and to educate the understanding that many Americans have regarding the rest of the world and vis versa.

I am working for Macfadden/PAE in support of USAID's Office of Food for Peace, and it is a joy to be surrounded academically and professionally by people who actively care about the world and are aware of the interconnected goings-on.

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Jasmine Linck

Jasmine Linck

First Country of Service
Panama 2012-2014
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McLean, VA