Meet the Mentoring Director

Joelle is an RPCV who served in Burkina Faso. Following Peace Corps, Joelle remained abroad for over a decade, ultimately living and working in approximately eight countries.

The original goal—to work on every continent—got sidetracked by career ambitions. Eventually, her career morphed into NGO work with a focus on humanitarian assistance, post-recovery, and fragile contexts. Joelle has a Master's degree in Migration and Refugee Studies. She is also a former Fulbrighter. She speaks French fluently, knows some Arabic (Egyptian/Jordanian dialects) and a little Spanish. One fun fact about Joelle is that she was in Egypt during its revolution. Joelle now has her own consulting company in DC focusing on M&E and Proposal Development.  She is happy to be the RPCV/W Mentoring Director for 2020.