Meet the President

Hey there! I'm RPCV/W's 2020 President, Charlotte Stein. I’m so excited to lead our wonderful organization this year and to make it more responsive, inclusive and helpful than ever before. I hail from Madison, Wisconsin, so naturally, I have very strong opinions about cheese and beer. I had the pleasure of spending my Peace Corps service working with youth in Southeastern Morocco, from 2012-2014. My favorite activity during my Peace Corps service was writing and piloting a comprehensive Model UN curriculum that’s now used nationally!

I speak Français and learned Moroccan Arabic during Peace Corps. I have worked in the nonprofit sector as well as for the federal government. I currently work on a USAID global health project managed by Chemonics International. I am a communication specialist with deep interests in video production and writing (how deep? I *love* copy editing and sentence diagramming). I've been a DC resident for 5 years and enjoy getting involved in the community -- Suited for Change and 826DC are two of my favorite organizations to volunteer with.

cleardot.gifMost importantly I love to cook, read and hike!

We have a great team this year and I can’t wait to get you involved too!