Meet the Vice President

Hello! My name is Lisette Anzoategui and I am the current Vice President of RPCV/W.

I’m excited to serve on the board for a third term, working to support and connect with a DMV based RPCV community who is passionate about service and social justice while building comradery – here and abroad. I served as a Municipal Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras 2010 – 2012 where I lived in a small mountainous town called Maraita. Oddly enough, my main project was to establish a property tax system and grow the organizational capacity of a community bank. The lesson from the people of Maraita that I will always carry with me is that if we want to help bring change, an essential step is to realize that we have more in common than what divides us. This still resonates back in DC, where making connections and building bridges shouldn't be taken for granted.