Natalie Rico

Natalie Rico was a Teacher Trainer Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda 2007-2009. Originally from San Diego, Natalie moved to D.C. after her close of service to pursue a Masters of Public Policy at Georgetown University. She has her Bachelors in Mathematics. Natalie is currently a Special Assistant at the Department of Labor, Office of the Chief Financial Officer.  

Natalie has lived in D.C. for six years and has remained active in the RPCV/W community, including serving as the 50th Development Committee Co-Chair. At Labor, Natalie currently serves as a Board Director for the RPCV + Friends Affinity Group. 

After a long day she enjoys yoga, reading, and a glass of wine. Her favorite food is food. 

Natalie is passionate about the RPCV community and looks forward to continuing her service with RPCV/W.

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Natalie Rico

Natalie Rico

First Country of Service
Uganda 2007-2009
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Washington, DC