Upcoming Events

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The Aloney Awards

Saturday, December 12 - 06:00 PM

Your Room

Dress your best (or wear your best sweats) and join us from the comfort of your own room to celebrate...whatever we can about the year 2020 *shoulder shrug emoji* The Aloney Awards will be a celebration of isolation! There will be a variety show, featuring local RPCV talent, a costume contest, a ...

RPCV Holiday Book Train (Nov 20-Dec 20, 2020)

Sunday, December 20 - 06:00 PM

Sign up here. Get Excited! Here's the deal: you agree to send a book to a fellow RPCV and you'll then receive a book from another RPCV. Books can be used or new, but they should be in good condition.After signing up below, you'll receive a confirmation email with the address of the RPCV and their...

Time to Get Uncomfy Book Club: Caste

Sunday, January 03 - 07:00 PM


 Join the "Time to Get Uncomfy," a book club focused on the intersection of racial justice and feminism. The club regular meetings on the last Sunday of each month.  December's book is  Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents. We will meet on Sunday, January 3 at 7PM ET. Email TyMiranda14@gmail to ...