<!-- Copy everything on this page and paste it in Mailchimp using the <> Source button in the editor --> <h1 class="mc-toc-title" style="text-align:center"><a href="http://www.rpcvw.org/events">Official Events</a></h1> <br><br> <!-- End Official Events, Begin Member Led Events --> <h1 class="mc-toc-title" style="text-align:center"><a href="http://www.rpcvw.org/events">Member-Led Events</a></h1> <br><br> <h2 class="mc-toc-title" style="text-align:center"><a href="https://www.rpcvw.org/toddmpeterson1/motown_moves_for_surgery">Motown Moves for Surgery!</a></h2> <h4 style="text-align:center">Saturday, February 22 - 06:00 PM </h4> <p style="text-align: center; margin: 2rem 0;"><a style="display: inline-block; padding: 14px 32px; background: #cd3c48; border-radius: 4px; font-weight: normal; letter-spacing: 1px; font-size: 20px; line-height: 26px; color: white; text-decoration: none;" title="Click here to RSVP" href="https://www.rpcvw.org/toddmpeterson1/motown_moves_for_surgery" target="_blank">Details/RSVP</a></p> <h3 style="text-align:center"><a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=414+N+Fillmore+St%2C+Arlington%2C+VA+22201%2C+United+States">Lyon Community Center</a></h3> <p>Hey RPCVs of Washington, DC! Let’s<span> </span>BUST A MOVE<span> </span>for a GREAT cause! Partner for Surgery will host its first annual Motown Moves for Surgery FUN-raiser on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Get down for some soul music, dancing, food, drinks and fun with your fellow RPCVs. Mark your calendars and buy your <strong><u>tickets</u></strong> soon because they will go fast!   </p> <p>All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting Partner for Surgery,<span> </span>working on the front lines of medical and surgical care in rural Guatemala.</p> <p>Partner for Surgery grew out of a Peace Corps project in the rural village of Paquip, Guatemala in 1999. Since then, we have provided life-changing surgical care to over 20,000 of Guatemala's most isolated and impoverished people. We have also provided critical medical care to over 40,000 Guatemalans. Throughout it all, Peace Corps has been integral to Partner for Surgery. Our Guatemalan board of directors includes former PC Guatemala Program Directors and our US board includes former PC Guatemala Country Directors and volunteers.</p> <hr>