RPCVW Board Positions Now Open

Do you want to apply your talents to the growth of a membership organization? Do you want to be part of a community that embodies the spirit of Peace Corps? Do you want to be challenged, learn a ton of stuff, have a lot of fun, and make a significant impact?

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington D.C. (RPCV/W), a nonprofit organization, is looking for stellar leaders to take on volunteer roles on its Board of Directors. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants not just a volunteer activity, but a long-term opportunity to empower the RPCV community, support returning volunteers, and build a network with volunteers from the last six decades. 

For the first time in our organization's history, we are holding a special mid-term election for two RPCV/W Board positions, Communications Director and the newly announced Community Engagement Director. Each position is described in greater detail below.

The self-nomination period will be open from July 14-July 22, 2020. Read on for specific instructions to submit your self-nomination for either position. This nomination will be used in our ballot during the election. 

We look forward to having you join our team!

Board Requirements

 Only active RPCV/W members may apply for a board position. 

  • You should be a go-getter and self-starting strategist with an eye for detail and a willingness to support the entire Board of Directors and work collaboratively with their respective committee members.
  • You must be willing to produce prompt and effective results within your board role.
  • You must be available to attend the monthly board meeting, scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. 
  • You will have the opportunity to play a key role in expanding the organization and should have a minimum of 10-15 hours a month to dedicate to your position on the board of directors and at least one committee.
  • You must commit to joining the RPCV/W Board in anti-racism and sensitivity training in the coming months.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience or training in developing anti-racist practices and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies for an organization.
  • Experience or training in identifying and eliminating messages that reinforce white dominant culture or norms that are rooted in white supremacy.


RPCV/W's bylaws outline the rules which are used to govern the internal affairs of the organization.

Please self-nominate for one of the following positions.

Communications Director

Essential Qualifications:
Requires strong marketing and communications skills with an understanding of promotional campaigns, website management and team management. You should have strong writing skills and basic graphic design skills. An understanding of nonprofits and membership organizations’ communication styles is strongly encouraged. Commitment to fostering an inclusive and anti-racist organization

What a successful candidate looks like: Will have successfully built campaigns to garner new members, followers, sales, and donors. Will have evidence of successfully meeting or exceeding communications goals for an organization.


  • Operates the RPCV/W website and other online services.
  • Troubleshoots technical issues to keep web content functional, current and fresh.
  • Works with other directors to promote their materials across channels (content will typically be developed by individual directors and their respective committees, not communications director).
  • Works with the Executive Board in response to press and partner inquiries.
  • Editor-in-Chief of RPCV/W’s weekly newsletter and RPCV/W Blog.
  • Works closely with Knowledge Management Director to assess existing assets and develop new resources for the Board of Directors and members.
  • Supports Secretary in outreach duties as bandwidth allows.

Event Planning

  • Facilitates and works to improve internal communications regarding events across all program areas.
  • Provides significant support to the Special Events Director with advertising and ticket sales for major events. Sits on the Special Events committee.

Community Engagement Director

Essential Qualifications
: Must be willing to take initiative and run with ideas for making RPCV/W's social channels more safe and inclusive. This will require a significant amount of creativity, outreach and training but is an incredible opportunity to engage in anti-racism on a personal and professional level, and in the broader RPCV community, and to make lasting change for RPCV/W as an organization.

What a successful candidate looks like: Will have similar experiences and demonstrated success aligned with the duties listed below.

Community Engagement and Social Media

  • Researches best practices for and facilitates safe, inclusive, and anti-racist spaces in member forums, including the RPCV/W Facebook group.
  • Conducts outreach with LGBTQIIA+, Black, Indigenous, and people of color RPCV groups.
  • Coordinates with Communications Director and committee to operate all social media accounts and promote events (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Innovates and moderates RPCV/W Facebook group per Board-established guidelines, with a focus on anti-racism and inclusivity.
  • Recruits and trains volunteer moderators for all social media accounts who are representative of RPCV/W community.
  • Acts as liaison between RPCV/W Board and large social community, including bringing community recommendations to the Board as recruitment occurs, events are planned and executed, and messaging is developed.
  • Demonstrated experience with the platforms Hootsuite and Canva (or similar experience).

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] by July 22 with the following:

1) Confirmation that you are a current member of RPCV/W (check your status here); and

2) A short description (no more than 250 words) of why you are well-suited for this position and why you are interested in serving our community. 

All submissions must be received before midnight on Wednesday, July 22. Following the nomination period, the mid-term election will take place from July 24-31, 2020. Only active members of RPCV/W may self-nominate and vote. The initial terms of these positions are through the end of the 2020 calendar year (December 31).