Open Letter to Members on the 2016 Election

Dear Members,

Our Peace Corps service taught us that free and fair elections have a direct effect on the health and happiness of a nation’s citizens. Furthermore, this health and happiness is dependent upon the willingness of people to unite around common principles in the midst of conflict and discord, then advance as one.

Our country charted a new course this week and while it is too early to know where that path will lead, our belief in and love for America remains constant. It is now our duty, as champions of the United States Peace Corps, to take what we have learned abroad and heal the divisions we witness at home.

To this end, we ask all RPCV/W members to recommit to our mission to foster a community of RPCVs and friends in the Washington, DC area that embodies the spirit of Peace Corps. We encourage you to share your stories with the new Administration and sign up for advocacy opportunities with the National Peace Corps Association. Last but not least, take some time this year to participate in activities focused on the Third Goal of the Peace Corps, because now, more than ever, our nation can benefit from first-hand accounts of the peoples of the world.

RPCV/W welcomes everyone, regardless of Peace Corps service, to join as full members because it helps us build a better, stronger, more equitable organization. That policy remains unchanged. We are an uncommon group with a common purpose, and we commit to the great task of building peace in our time.

In service,

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington, D.C.

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