People of Peace Corps: the Stories Behind the 'Gram

People of Peace Corps is a new online platform started by an RPCV/W member. It encourages RPCVs to share their favorite Peace Corps memories through a single photo. You can read more and submit your photo and caption here; follow the Instagram account @peopleofpeacecorps


Peace Corps service has a profound impact on the course of people’s lives, careers and entire communities, both in the United States and abroad. Peace Corps service has led to businesses, cross-cultural international friendships, and marriages.

 This People of Peace Corps post features Jack Fischl, co-founder of the business Keteka and an RPCV-Panama (2010-2012). 


Peace Corps service shapes not only the lives of Volunteers (PCVs), but of their community counterparts, host families, friends and staff in-country, fellow PCVs, and American families.

Through his service in an indigenous area in rural Panama, Jack Fischl became passionate about connecting travelers with local guides and communities in a way that would enhance rather than disrupt local culture. His community tourism work in Panama allowed several families to increase their annual income by up to 400%. As a result of his Peace Corps service, Fischl and fellow PCVs founded Keteka, which helps travelers directly connect with local guides in 14 countries. Keteka has offices in the U.S. and Chile – where Fischl met his Argentinian wife.

Fischl and Keteka are just one example of the long-term ripple effect that the Peace Corps has on the lives that it touches.


To read about more stories like Fischl’s or share your own, visit @peopleofpeacecorps.