R.I.P Peace Corps Listserve

The daily email of housing and jobs is no more.

Last week, [email protected] was officially retired. For many of us, this dependable service was a critical lifeline as we struggled to meet the challenges of finding work and housing in DC. We applaud the new service, RPCV Career Link, and encourage our members to make use of it. 

We have also added new job feeds to our DC Job Feed Bundle, which aggregates over 20 RSS feeds posting new, DC-area jobs that may be of interest to local job-seekers. After you apply, be sure to join ourLinkedin Group and use it to identify RPCV contacts at businesses or agencies of interest to you. A quick coffee and a thoughtful thank you note can make all the difference. 
But what about housing? The NPCA maintains an RPCV Housing Group on its social network, though its postings are spread over the whole country. For those posting and looking for DC area opportunities, we encourage you to make use of our semi-private Facebook Group
Though the RPCVNetwork listserv has faded into cache memory, its impact will live on as RPCVs continue to make use of technology to connect and create. Let's continue to grow the network.