RPCV/W Rebranding

A recap on our efforts to create a new logo and website for the group.

In April, we asked our members to gauge their feelings on a scale of 1-5 concerning the RPCV/W logo and website. 65 people responded. Here's what you told us: 
  RPCV/W's current logo popped up in the mid-2000s, but no documentation on it has been found. When asked about their general feelings towards it, only 27.3% of respondents indicated a favorable impression.    
  When asked how they'd feel about changing the logo, 67.3% favored a new look. Only 10.9% wanted to keep it. No one chose a "1", indicating a strong resistance to change.  
  The RPCV/W website is used to publicize events, share news, store documentation, manage member accounts, and direct traffic to social media groups and other online resources. When asked to rate it, the results closely resemble those of Figure 1.   
  Once again, the majority supports a change.

Our bylaws grant the Board of Directors the ability to change the "Corporate Seal" as they see fit. As a result of this survey, we launched a campaign to redesign the logo and website. Members were invited to submit designs for a new logo, and the winning design was chosen by referendum during our yearly Board Elections. Here's the winner:


We are currently exploring new styles and layouts to better incorporate the new design and features that you've told us you want. A final design and font layout will be proposed and the Board will vote to authorize the change.

We're forming a web design sub-committee and welcome our members join and offer input. Email Chris at [email protected] to get involved!