Steve Kaffen

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Russia (1994-96; business development). I subsequently worked at Peace Corps HQ (2003-2011) in the Office of Inspector General. I got to visit about half (35) of the Peace Corps' countries, review the operations and volunteers' projects, and most rewarding, meet amazing staff and volunteers. I also worked at the National Endowment for the Arts, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and USAID.

I have authored three books and am completing a fourth. "Unexpected Journey" and "Asia Without Borders" describe parts of my four years of travel around the world (SF to SF), through Asia, Africa, and the Americas. "Europe by Bus" provides guidance on using buses to travel in Europe. My books contain lots of photos of the countries visited, people encountered, and adventures. (Click "Look inside" on my Amazon book sites.) The diary that I kept as a volunteer is the foundation for my fourth book, and I'm seeking photos of that era. A fifth book in the conceptual stage is making the "right" travel decisions, with hundreds of possible trips.

I live at Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. I came to Washington to take the Peace Corps position. I have also lived in SF, LA, Baltimore, and NYC (where I was born).

I take an extended trip at least annually. I have attended most World Cups since 1986, principally for the international camaraderie. The last three, in Russia, Brazil, and South Africa, are my favorites to-date. In 1994, just before leaving for the Peace Corps, I wrote the policies and procedures for the USA's 1994 World Cup, and I served as the Rose Bowl finance manager. 

I am a member of the National Peace Corps Association and attend the annual "Connect."

I'm always available for coffee and like to share interesting places and travel experiences. I look forward to making contact!

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Steve Kaffen

Steve Kaffen

First Country of Service
Russia 1994-1996
Second Country of Service
United States 2003-2011
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