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RPCV/W Social Map

The Washington, DC Metro Region is home to the highest concentration of RPCV's on the planet. With over 600 active members and 1,300 contacts, RPCV/W serves all of them. 

We launched the RPCV/W Social Map in July 2012 as a collaborative project where participants tag their workplaces, neighborhoods, colleges, hometowns, and countries of service. 

Any active member may edit and add to the map and some provide their contact information (which is why it's Members Only). The map serves as a valuable tool for meeting neighbors, arranging carpools, and finding an RPCV-friendly place to live. 

We use it to plan more effective events and reach out to different communities.

All RPCV/W Members are welcome to participate. To access and add to the map, login to the Members section and follow the directions. Nonmembers are welcome to join RPCV/W, and the first year is always free.

Click here to go to the Members' Section and add to the map!

The RPCV/W Social Map provides a real-time, work/life overview of the Washington, DC RPCV community. Members are constantly editing and revising it. Click the screenshot above to view the live map. 
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