Chelsea Milko

Chelsea Milko is the Vice President of RPCV/W. Previously, she was the Community Service Director from 2015-2017. In that role, she organized one volunteer event per month in the DC area for a total of 23 community service events.

From 2010-2013, Chelsea served as a community economic development specialist with the U.S. Peace Corps in Uganda. She organized a poultry-raising project for blind students, led a peace camp for former LRA child soldiers, hosted a weekly radio show, trained radio journalists, and broadcast a series of malaria behavior change radio dramas across Uganda, South Sudan, and eastern DRC. While in Uganda, she earned a MPA in International Public Service and Development from Rutgers University as part of the former Peace Corps Masters International program. 

A native of Las Vegas, NV, Chelsea has bachelors degrees in political science and health science from UNLV. She is currently the Special Assistant to the CEO of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, the U.S. government's international media agency. In addition to her role on the RPCV/W Board of Directors, she’s an active volunteer with Atlas Corps.

Please email Chelsea at [email protected] with any ideas or questions!

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Chelsea Milko

Chelsea Milko

First Country of Service
Uganda 2010-2013
Second Country of Service
Not Applicable 2010-2013
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Washington, DC