How to use this site

Note: For privacy purposes, if you had an account on our old website, your password was not transfered over. To reset it, visit the login page and enter your email under the heading marked "First time login" and follow the instructions. The presentation below can guide you through it.


This is it

Our new website. How do you like it? Works pretty much like the old website -- Members can join, register for events and access special tools -- but unlike the old website, it integrates fully with Facebook and Twitter, and lets members leave comments, vote on suggestions and easily recruit their friends. It's mobile friendly (the layout changes with the screen size) and every time you contribute to the discussion (such as commenting or sharing a page on Facebook) you are awarded participation points. 

What's Old

  • Member Login: Members can create accounts and provide some basic info to the group.

  • Secure Transactions: Members can manage their accounts, make donations and purchase event tickets easily online.

  • Member LevelsThe First Year Free, $15 regular and $100 Friend of RPCV/W membership options will remain.

  • Event RSVP: Members can RSVP for events with one click and receive a confirmation email. 

  • Member's Only Section: There will be a private Members section not visible to the general public.

  • Career Resources: We'll maintain the DC calendar of free events, job feed (under construction), and Linkedin portal.

  • Blog: Our blog will return from it's hiatus.

  • Maps: We'll keep offering the SocialCountry of Service and Density Maps.

What's New

  • Social Media Integration: Connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts for easy login and content sharing. Use them to find and follow your friends in the organization!

  • Public Comments: Members can use the site as a forum and comment publicly.

  • Suggestions: We'll host a private page where members can make suggestions and vote on them.

  • Text to RSVP: In a rush? Need an address? Some free events, such as happy hours, will allow you to text a special keyword to 202-760-4486 and instantly receive event details back. No need to log in!

  • Mobile-friendly Layout: Components of the website adjust to your screen size. Try it! 

  • New Maps: Share your story at the PCV Blog Map or chart your site at  

  • Participation Points: When you use all these features, you get points. Points will be displayed on a leaderboard. See who is most active on our new leaderboards!

What's Next

This site is a work in progress that will stretch into 2014 and end when the majority of our members are happy with it. Take a look around and contact Chris Robinson at with comments, questions and offers to help. All will be gladly accepted.