Thank You From Village X



Just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for supporting Village X's successful Indiegogo campaign. It was a slog; at times I wanted to cry ... no, seriously, I wanted to weep like a child, but, as I'm sure you know by now (sorry for not getting to this sooner), we raised 105% of our goal. 

Next steps: we are actively engaged with Big Room Studios, the start-up oriented design and development firm that will build our smartphone app. Everyone is on the same page and ready to rock, including Project Manager Sam Frankel (RPCV Ghana). I will spend a week in Portland, Maine, in early September to kick off the collaboration officially. A pilot version of the app should be out in December. 
Enjoy the rest of the summer and, once again, thank you for all the support and hard work. Please look out for our app and continue supporting RPCV enterprises. 
All the best,
Mike Buckler, RPCV Malawi, is CEO & General Counsel for Village X, Inc, which recently completed the first phase of its project to develop a mobile application that facilitates transparent giving to grassroots projects in Africa. RPCV/W played a prominent role in driving their crowdfunding campaign. Click here to learn more about the project.