Grocery Packing and Delivery with We Are Family DC

November's Community Service event was a success in combining RPCV/W and Rotary Club for a morning of grocery packing and delivery with We Are Family DC, a non-profit organization that serves seniors in the Shaw, North Capitol Street, Adams-Morgan, Petworth, and Columbia Heights neighborhoods.


More than simply a social service project, We Are Family strives to build a caring and inclusive community, by providing services to senior citizens in need. Ten members of RPCV/W attended to pack bags of canned and dry goods, and deliver to senior citizens in Columbia Heights. Following the activity, the RPCV/W and Rotary Club volunteers enjoyed delicious lunch and beers at Meridian Pint in the neighborhood, and exchanged stories about the seniors they visited that morning.

Cara George, RPCV/W Community Service Director, 2012-2013