Week 6: Launch schedule set

New pages are being added and we're hoping to fully switch over by January 1.

Since the last post, we've finished the board of directors page, started organizing the archive page, and begun building the country of service group page. The country group page will be managed and edited by representatives from various country groups. They will be charged with keeping their information up-to-date. 

Work remains to be done on the partnership for peace and professional development pages. We also need to develop a sponsors page. Please let me know if you have any ideas and would like to edit.

We're going to stick with the old site in the run up to the Holiday Party. Once it's done, we'll begin directing people here. I'd like to change domain names after the holiday party and have full use as of January 1st. 

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in with editing and content suggestions. Please keep it coming. If you find flaws or something doesn't look right, please let me know.