Weeks 4 + 5: Paint's dry, time to move in the furniture.

We decided on a DC-flag motif accented by shades of charcoal for the color scheme. Now to work on informational pages.

Thanks to everyone who has used the features and offered your feedback. I'm proud to see an awesome team come together and I continue to welcome all help offers.

During the next two weeks, I'm going to remove some features and reorder the right navigation bar in preparation for launch. We're developing a plan for rollout right now, and hopefully we can make the transition without ushering in the Apocalypse.

Big projects still remain: Help is needed writing a TOS, designing the career development page, designing the Board of Directors page, migrating blog posts, creating a page to sell T-shirts, and designing email templates. I'm also happy to have anyone contribute graphics or art to the project. Contact me at [email protected]

I'm psyched to see this thing come together. Please keep commenting and sharing. Everything helps!