Welcome to the new rpcvw.org!

Please read this post if you are helping to test the website. Click the title above to see more.

As you can see, the layout is a bit different from our old site. Many of the pages have comment sections. Please use them liberally to share your thoughts and ideas for the new look. The more support a comment receives, the more likely it will be addressed. In addition to commenting, you may post public suggestions which others can support, share the site on social media, and invite more testers to see how all the options work. For pages without comment sections, use the Suggestions feature to make your ideas known to the group.

Please please please contact me if you'd like to help design or migrate content from our other site. Your service will be well rewarded. Right now, we need help with the following:

  • Blog migration (300 gts): We need someone to copy the content from the old blog and paste it to this one. You'll need to download the pictures to your computer from the old blog and upload them to this one too. Finally, change the publishing date so the entries show in chronological order. This would be a huge help. Happy to divide the work into teams.
  • Subpage Migration (200 gts): We need to create dedicated pages under Programs > Special Events for the Holiday Party, JFK Wreath Laying, Summer BBQ, Inaugural Parades, and the 50th Anniversary Event at Arlington.
  • Professional Development Job List (500 gts) We used to use Google Reader to splice RSS feeds from various job sites that posted DC and international opportunities which were relevant to RPCVs. We then embedded that master feed in a display that would cycle the latest postings in our profdev page. Google Reader is no more, so we're exploring other ideas to create a dynamic, flexible job stream for the page. Any assistance here would be extremely useful to the community.
  • Donate Photos! (10 gts): Got a photo that would look great in a specific page? Let me know and we'll use it.
  • Community Service Blog Migration (50 gts): Our last comserv director maintained a small blog on our old site for community service. If anyone wants to help copy and paste her posts to the new one, that'd be hugely appreciated. 
  • Miscellaneous Writing (x gts): I'm happy to grant editor access to anyone who wants to rewrite content or make editorial corrections. 
  • Terms of Service (800 gts): The new rpcvw.org allows users to connect through social media and use the site as a forum. Users may also be allowed to make their own blog posts and plan their own small events. The site itself collects basic contact information, but also payment info for dues, event tickets, and donations. We use Google Analytics to model data traffic and Paypal to manage income. If anyone would like to help write a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service that covers these aspects in a thorough, yet understandable fashion, it would be a great and lasting contribution to RPCV/W.

That's all for now. Watch the blog for more to come!