Introducing WEW, Women Empowering Women

We are thrilled to announce a new RPCV/W initiative, Women Empowering Women. WEW will address current challenges women face, enhance lifestyle support for women, and support the longer-term success of women within RPCV/W community. In pursuing these goals, WEW will promote monthly events and discussion that combine participation and greater unity. WEW will cover areas such as, but not limited to: health, mental health, work-life balance, gender parity, and sexual harassment/assault.

In an increasingly interconnected world, utilizing social assets is crucial for the continued success of women. Now more than ever, we have seen the effect of empowering women and its social transformation. Yet despite progress, women continue to face discrimination and exclusion.

Towards this end, we are pleased to unite and begin the process of fostering power in each other to use in our daily lives, our communities and our society, by acting on issues we define as important. We believe in the inclusion of women’s talents, skills, and experiences. We want to empower you, fierce and resilient RPCV/W community women to be the best that you can be, now and always.

We believe that it is important to identify and increase awareness of unconscious bias we face as women. Are you inspired? Join the committee and take part in this critical endeavor.

Let’s step up, connect, and act. We are all in this together.

Contact Laura Casas, [email protected]