Giving and Receiving - Finding Balance through Yoga Teacher Training

Want to teach yoga? Our friends at YogaWorks are offering a 10% discount off their DC training program to RPCV/W members. This is a guest post by Angela Botta, YogaWorks Teacher Trainer 


Under the law of giving and receiving, there is a dynamic exchange where we keep the flow of energy circulating in our lives.  The most common ways we think of "giving" is to offer a gift, pay a compliment, provide advice, volunteer our time and donate money.  "Receiving" on the other hand, is often much more challenging.  Perhaps due to the fact that we believe we should be independent, that somehow receiving exposes our vulnerability, or that we are weary of other people’s motives. 


Receiving and giving are like yin and yang. There must be a balance. You cannot give without someone to receive your gift. Similarly, you cannot receive if nothing is given. You must have both.  

Just over 6 years ago, I had an epiphany in my former career as an advertising executive.  I was at the top of my game in an industry that I worked extremely hard in for over 10 years, yet I didn't feel happy.  I was unbalanced in giving way too much of my time and energy, yet I rarely had the pleasure of receiving fulfillment.  Ultimately, for me, being financially rewarded wasn't a reason to stay, and I knew I simply craved more meaningful daily connection.

To me, giving means being part of something bigger than you - making a positive impact on other people and/or on community, by simply being present and giving of your authentic self.  

In my current day-to-day as a thriving Yoga Teacher in NYC, I feel truly blessed to have chosen a career where I am able to experience both aspects of giving and receiving.  Giving has been proven to improve not only health, but also the community. Receiving IS yoga in itself, as it demands a high degree of self-awareness, sensitivity and even skillfulness with the body, mind and breath.  


In yoga, we use our senses to receive information based on an inner experience rather than an outer experience.  The outer experience is where we spend most of our day, which is necessary as human beings living out in the world.  In yoga, we start to tune-in to a wealth of inner knowledge, ultimately resulting in the therapeutic benefits of yoga - both physical and mental.

 What a gift to be able to offer life-changing principles of yoga to students - to help folks pause for, perhaps, the first time in their day!

 What small (or big) shift can you create in your own life that might allow you to connect more fully to yourself and those around you?  How can you keep the flow of energy, by serving and being compassionate to yourself, as a personal practice, and out to the common thread that connects us all? 

If you are curious to learn more about how to balance your life and give the gift of yoga, I will be teaching a YogaWorks Teacher Training in D.C. this summer. We will be holding a free class followed by a Q&A on May 17th from 1:45-3:45pm. Please join us at Kali Yoga Studio - 3423 14th Street, NW 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20010.

YogaWorks is giving 10% off this DC training to RPCV/W members!

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angela.pngAngela Botta is a YogaWorks certified 500-Hour ERYT, Yoga Teacher Trainer based in New York City. Her Teacher Trainings travel her around the country and are focused, dynamic and refreshing. Angela lives her own mantra:  to trust, surrender and simply enjoy finding her place in the rhythm of life. With this, she is empowered to help create real change in the world.