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  • Operates the website, social media accounts, and other online services.
  • Responds to press and general inquiries
  • Promotes RPCV innovation in DC and abroad
  • Sets internal and external coms policy

Chris served in Jamaica from 2007-2009 as a community development specialist. Based in the town of Glengoffe, Chris advised a local civic group and implemented a string of projects in agriculture, small business development, environmental engineering, and rural water supply. During the second year of his service, Chris partnered with agricultural extension officers communities across NE St. Catherine parish, helping farmers organize into functioning groups and embark on similar projects.

Chris moved to DC in 2010 and interned on Capitol Hill, finding numerous PCVs there and helped organize the Peace Corps Congressional Staff Association. He became involved with RPCV/W and oversaw fundraising efforts for the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Event at Arlington National Cemetery and was later elected to the Board in 2011. 

Previous Board Positions: Development Director, '11-'12; PR Director, '12-'13; , PR Director '13-'14

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    Friends of Kenya was incorporated in 1985 and has 300 Kenya RPCV's as members.

    We are planning a DC-based celebration for 50 years of Peace Corps in Kenya. It will be held on Thursday, Dec 11, 2014. So, SAVE THE DATE. We are also invited to the Kenya embassy's Jamhuri Day celebration on Friday, Dec 12. Check our site for details but also send names, email addresses and dates of service to Carolyn Kari,, so I can put you on the official invitation list. Asante.

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    Hey Arvis, the new site doesn’t allow direct private messaging.

    The person you want to contact must interact with the site publicly, such as leaving a comment, and have a Facebook or Twitter account connected to his or her profile. Then you click that person’s name and a little icon will appear where you can contact them through their social media account.

    Now, we could adopt a policy where any member can submit a request to contact another through an intermediary on the board, but I’m not sure how reliable that process would be.

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Chris Robinson
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