Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the relationship between RPCV/W, the NPCA, and the Peace Corps?


The Peace Corps is an executive agency of the United States government established by John F. Kennedy in 1961 that screens, deploys and supports development volunteers in over 100 countries around the world. Peace Corps volunteers usually serve for 2 years where they provide technical assistance and promote cultural exchange. When they come home, the agency encourages them to proactively share their experiences in an effort to educate Americans about the world outside their borders.   

This is where the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) steps in. The NPCA is the worldwide coordinator for the 210,000 returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have passed through the program. In addition to providing alumni services, publishing Worldview Magazine and coordinating political advocacy, they organize regional groups around the country which bring together returned volunteers at the local level.

RPCV/W is one of the oldest of these groups. It arose from gatherings in the late 70's and achieved nonprofit status in 1991. Its primary focus is providing social, professional, and community service opportunities in the DC metropolitan region. It also specializes in events of a ceremonial nature, such as wreath layings and the commemoration of Peace Corps milestones. Anyone may join the group directly or through the NPCA. Members elect a Board of Directors each year who run day-to-day operations.

Where can I find housing in DC?

I'm looking for housing in DC. Can you recommend any resources?


Our private Facebook Group is a popular spot for folks to make requests and offer rental opportunities. It's open to non-members, and people often use it to introduce themselves, post jobs, arrange get-togethers, and ask general questions to the group. Think of it as our own little Craigslist. Do not use it to spam or promote commercial ventures. Rules are strictly enforced.  

The NPCA also maintains a group which is useful for finding RPCV housing. It includes postings from all over the country, though many are for the DC region.

If you're unfamiliar with DC and its environs, our Density Map provides a handy overview of where RPCVs like to live. 

Do you lobby?


In the past, our members organized advocacy drives, testified at hearings, and even moved legislation to strengthen the Peace Corps. Now, we leave those activities to the NPCA.

How do I get on the listserv?


There is no listserv... not anymore. Peace Corps closed its daily email of jobs and housing in February 2013. For jobs, they introduced Peace Corps Career Link, and the NPCA offers its Next Step Job Finder and a housing group on its social network.

We send out a free newsletter every Wednesday morning. It lists our upcoming events, featured jobs, and items of interest to the community. Our Facebook Group serves a similar function, only it's 24/7. Our Google calendar is public and syncable too. Add our Twitter and Linkedin feeds, and you'll never miss an update.

What's the difference between members and non-members?


Anyone can create an account and log-in to Many events are open to the public too. Members, however, are the soul of the organization. They can vote, lead events, and use our Facebook group to promote fundraisers for their favorite causes. Members are charged less for RPCV/W events requiring payment. We also negotiate special discounts for our members with local restaurants, bars, theaters, and other businesses. Most professional development events are restricted to members, as is access to our Linkedin networking group. Several online resources we maintain, including job feeds and the Social Map, are also members-only.

Membership is not restricted to Peace Corps volunteers. Dues have remained $15 per year since 1985. We hope you'll join us so we can keep them that way.

How can I get an item in the newsletter?


Our free newsletter goes out every Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM. It is filled with upcoming events, special notices, community news, and other items of interest. Only RPCV/W Members can submit items for publication, provided it is not a commercial advertisement or political in nature. Send an email to with a short blurb, 50 words or less, a point of contact, and an image (optional). Deadline is 5PM Tuesday.

How does this site work?

A: allows us to run an organization of 1,100 participants with a volunteer staff. When you get involved with our group, you are asked to create an account. There are 2 types of accounts: 

Non-member: Basic account you get when you log in with email, Twitter, or Facebook. Non-members can RSVP for most events, leave comments, and create basic profiles. 

Member: Logged-in members can RSVP for any event, receive special discounts to paid events, and access private webpages which contain useful tools and resources. 

Membership is $15 per year and the first year is free, so join RPCV/W today!

How do I advertise in the newsletter?


Our newsletter is a popular platform for promoting events, causes, creative projects and commercial services that may be of interest to our group. 


$25 for 1 week

$100 for 5 weeks


Ads are placed in the right hand column of our newsletter. You are responsible for providing an image and producing content. A typical ad consists of an image, a few lines of text, the relevant contact information of the advertiser and a link to an outside website. 


Our Secretary is the editor of the newsletter and may decline to run an ad, so you should check with them first. Send a short email to and provide a quick description of the ad that you would like to run. If the Secretary approves the content, click here and make a payment at either the $25 or $100 level. You will receive a receipt in your email. Forward the receipt to the Secretary along with the ad copy and the weeks you want it to run. 

Additional Benefits

If your ad is approved by the Secretary or Communications Director, you may also self promote in our popular Facebook group during the week(s) your ad is in the newsletter at the rate of one post per week. We recommend you make these posts engaging and conversational, as any member of the group may comment on them, and posters will be expected to answer questions about the topics they are promoting. If you're on Twitter, you may also send us a few promotional tweets and we'll retweet them. Contact if you have any questions. 

Every two years, we officially sponsor a grassroots nonprofit that shares our goals and values. We call this program our Partnership for Peace. Our current Partner is Atlas Corps.