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    Dominican Republic

    Friends of the Dominican Republic are RPCVs, friends and family who want to promote appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic among the Peace Corps community. We represent more than 2,400 former volunteers who served in the Dominican Republic (DR) and we have approximately 275 active members and donors.

    We have two active programs that support Peace Corps activities in the DR: The Community Challenge Fund (CCF), which provides matching grants to support PCV-led community infrastructure projects such as water systems, schools, smokeless stoves, cement floors and latrines; and, the Program Support Fund (PSF), which partners with PCVs to fund programs not covered by CCF such as youth training, economic development, teacher training, public health and documentation efforts.

    In 2013 we received the Loret Ruppe Miller Award for Outstanding Community Service from NPCA for the CCF program, which has contributed more than $150,000 to over 71 projects benefiting 20,000 Dominicans since 2004.

    We also have an Invitee Match and COS Mentoring program, a history project, our electronic newsletter, La Voz, a database of RPCVs who served in the DR, our website www.fotdr.org , Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest sites and we are associated with the NPCA. We look forward to continuing to serve the people of the Dominican Republic for many years to come!  

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