This page contains some basic information we hope you'll keep in mind when using RPCV/W services.

Social Media Groups


RPCV/W reserves the right to admit, deny or remove individuals from participation in its Facebook group for any reason, including but not limited to actions expressly prohibited in the RPCV/W Bylaws, unauthorized commercial activity, harassing or unwanted behavior, or violations of Facebook's Community Standards


To more easily navigate the Facebook group and find the information you're looking for, we recommend you use the following hashtags. Hashtags are not case-sensitive. Click on the associated hyperlink to view all the posts marked with that hashtag in chronological order:

  • #Housing - for requests or offers regarding long-term housing
  • #Job - for posting or searching job offers and professional resources
  • #Sale - for one off buying/selling or free stuff


Since some parts of this website allow commentary, it helps to have some basic rules in place. If you see a comment that violates a rule, click the "Flag Comment" button and an administrator will be alerted. 

  1. Be civil. No personal attacks.

    Refrain from hurtful or abusive language. Keep criticism constructive. Humor is welcome, hate is not. Respect the privacy and personal rights of others. 

    Article II: Section 5 of the bylaws states:

    "any member may be expelled from membership by a vote of two-thirds of the voting Directors then in office, upon a determination by such Directors that the member has engaged in inappropriate action which it can reasonably be foreseen will injure [RPCV/W], provided such member shall have first been given written notice and shall have the opportunity to be heard at the meeting."

    Violation of this rule would constitute such an action.

  2. Respect everyone's time. No spam.

    Don't promote political, commercial, or religious ventures here.

    Repeated violation of this rule could also lead to expulsion from RPCV/W. 

  3. Keep comments relevant. Take discussions to Facebook.

    Comments are for the benefit of other readers. Use them to share ideas, pose questions and put forth constructive criticism. General conversations should be directed to the Facebook Group