2017 BBQ Recap and our next Partner in Peace

It was a joy to welcome over 120 members for an afternoon of food and fun at AU Tenleytown. RPCVs from the very first groups rubbed shoulders with brand-new arrivals, bringing with them the latest news from their countries of service.  Extra special thanks are in order to RPCV/W's Special Events Director, Laura Casas, Special Events Committee volunteers Dina Navar, Alison Thieme & Gloria Levin, and the good people at American University Washington College of Law.

If you'd like to sign up for a committee or just as a general volunteer, you can do so at http://www.rpcvw.org/volunteer.

RPCV/W works hard to host as many events and initiatives as its all-volunteer team can handle, and we encourage each an every member to use these opportunities to connect with old friends, help new arrivals establish themselves and give back to volunteer-driven organizations whose work exemplifies the universal spirit of the Peace Corps. 

2018-2020 Partner for Peace Selected

RPCV/W works with a wide array of nonprofit organizations, especially those in need of local volunteers. We run their information in this newsletter when asked, encourage them to share freely in our Facebook group and partner with them on at least one service project each month. 

Every two years RPCV/W puts out an RFP and selects one to be the primary beneficiary of its programmatic, outreach and fundraising activities. We call it our Partnership for Peace, and we're pleased to announce that Upwardly Global will be the next organization to hold the title. 

Upwardly Global works to eliminate employment barriers for skilled immigrants and refugees and integrate this population into the professional U.S. workforce. We do this through an innovative training model that includes individualized coaching and is designed to address global cultural differences that impact the job search, interview process and professional network building.

Upwardly Global's work aligns with RPCV/W’s mission to promote Peace Corps’ Third Goal. Their efforts to reduce the barriers faced by local immigrants and refugees not only includes individualized training for international populations but, also focuses on advocacy and education for Upwardly Global’s volunteers and potential employers on the value of diverse talent and experience. Many of their job seekers come from countries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve and their valuable experience and perspective offer important input into in our local community and economy. Expect to hear a great deal about them moving forward.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the organizations who took the time to fill out the RFP and be considered. RPCV/W will always be a resource to organizations that echo our mission, so keep us updated on your activities and never hesitate to reach out to us!