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Feel free to email us the question at [email protected] for general job questions, resume reviews/brainstorming session and informational interviews.. 

Join Our Linkedin Group 

Click the picture below to join our Linkedin group. If you would like some advice or have a job to share, please contact our Professional Development Director. We also invite all members to join our Mentorship Program.

Facebook_Thumbnail_Linkedin.pngAny RPCV should be able to spare 15 minutes to meet with another RPCV who is interested in pursuing a similar career path. 

This philosophy guides our private Linkedin group, where we post jobs, advertise specialized events and pose general questions.

Unlike our Facebook Group, much of the action here goes on behind the scenes. Many use it to arrange informational interviews through private messages. All members of the group are expected to entertain informational requests from qualified job seekers. 

Once inside, click the Members tab to search group participants by job title or organization. You may also pose general questions in the Discussion section, but typically a direct ask more productive. The rules are as follows:

What you can post:

  • Job openings and internship opportunities from reputable employers. Please delete your post once the position has been filled.
  • Free networking events, job fairs, or public events of interest to job-seeking, Washington-area RPCVs.
  • Requests for informational interviews from RPCVs working in specific sectors, agencies, industries or regions.

What you can't post:

  • Anything involving fundraising, unless your organization is sponsored by RPCV/W as its current Partner for Peace.
  • Any "opportunity" requiring payment or purchase.
  • Requests for donations to Peace Corps projects abroad.
  • Housing requests and offers. Take them to the Facebook group

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Country specific service groups are invited to post local events and add their contact information to our directory

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