The RPCV/W  Mentoring program connects RPCVs through two complementary mentoring programs: the Recently Returned Volunteer Readjustment Program, and the Professional Mentoring Program. Both aim to fulfill the broader RPCV/W mission of helping our members thrive as a community, but the programs differ in focus and structure.


Recently Returned Mentoring 

The Recently Returned Volunteer Readjustment Program supports returned volunteers by building their social network in DC and connecting them with RPCV mentors who can help guide them through reintegrating into US life and culture and other needs. Mentor-mentee matching for this program occurs on a rolling basis as-needed; mentees will be matched with a mentor as soon as possible upon request.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in being either a mentor or mentee for the Recently Returned Program:

 Recently Returned Mentoring Form


Professional Mentoring Program - Next Cohort starting April 14th!

The Professional Mentoring Program is a four month program designed to build professional skills and provide guidance in career planning and development. We connect RPCVs to other RPCVs who have more experience in the field, organization or position that the mentee is interested in .  The next cohort of mentors and mentees will begin in April .

Please fill out our questionnaire by April 14th  if you are interested in being part of the next cohort :  

  Career Mentoring Form

Because these programs are intended to complement each other by addressing different needs, RPCV/W members are welcome to participate in both simultaneously in addition to regular community networking and educational events.

If you are already a member of RPCV/W, click here to register for either or both mentoring programs, or click here to join RPCV/W first. First time membership is free for the first year and the mentoring program is always free.


Questions are welcome! Contact Ed O'Brien, RPCV/W's Mentoring Director.