Regular Member dues have remained $15 per year since 1985. They ensure that we have the resources to support timely, interesting, and inclusive events and activities. We're happy to offer membership free for the first year, provided you haven't used it before. Membership in our community is open to everyone, regardless of Peace Corps service.

Member Benefits

  • Members receive discounts to many events requiring payment. 
  • Members are granted access to our private Linkedin Group, where they can contact established professionals.
  • Members may vote for and serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Members may participate in member-exclusive professional development events and the RPCV/W Mentorship Program

  • Members may vote for the Partnership for Peace.

  • Members may propose and lead clubs, groups and one-off events with administrative support from RPCV/W.

  • Members may submit or sponsor items for publication in our free weekly newsletter.

  • Members may advertise small fundraisers, offer housing opportunities, and share job postings in our Facebook Group. 

Friends of RPCV/W

This membership option is for individuals who are committed to moving our organization to the next level with a yearly contribution of $100. Friends of RPCV/W are our donors, and we are grateful for their generosity. To learn more about giving to RPCV/W, please contact our Development Director at [email protected]

Automatic Renewal

Autorenewal memberships are undergoing redevelopment. Please choose the one of the options below.

Membership Options

  • First Year Free Membership

  • One-Year Regular Membership

    Regular members are the life-blood of our organization
  • Friends of RPCV/W

    This option recognizes donors whose generous contributions allow us to do more
  • Join RPCV/W through NPCA

    Join us and renew your membership through the NPCA to support the Peace Corps Community at both the local and national levels.

Automatic vs Manual

There are two options for renewing your membership. With the One-Year option, when your membership expires, the website will prevent your account from accessing certain "Members Only" pages. Your membership will remain inactive until you navigate to this page and purchase another, at which point you will receive full access again. The Ongoing option automatically bills Paypal when your membership expires, so your dues are always current and you're never locked out of the website. We recommend this option for its convenience, and it can be disabled at any time through your PayPal account settings.

Additional Methods of Payment

We accept cash or check, mailed to the address below. You may also renew your dues in person at an event. For more information, please contact our Treasurer.