Board of Directors

These dedicated volunteers keep RPCV/W running. Their primary duties include setting yearly goals, preparing the annual budget, planning and promoting events, forging partnerships with kindred organizations and helping members make the most of our network.

Voting Directors serve 1-year terms and are elected by the membership each summer. Any active member may stand for a position, and the board may appoint honorary, non-voting directors or designate members to lead special initiatives. Each Director has an official email, so feel free to reach out!


Peru, 2016-2017

Romania, 2001-2003
Special Events

Morocco, 9/11/2018 - 3/17/2020
Community Outreach & Engagement

Benin, 13'-15'

Philippines, 2014

Kenya, 2005-2007

Thailand, 2015
Professional Development

Togo, 2013-2015

Madagascar, 2015-2017
Finance Director

Costa Rica, 2017-2019

Burkina Faso, 2015-2017

Botswana, 2012-2015