RPCV Federal Group Directory


Known as Affinity or Employee Resource Groups, members of the federal workforce are empowered to form internal networks to strengthen their agency's mission and foster a responsive, inclusive work environment. For RPCVs, these groups serve several key functions, including:

  • Providing pathways for community service and team-building activities within the federal workforce 
  • Offering employees a forum to provide feedback and offer recommendations to senior officials
  • Helping employees solidify professional relationships internally and connect with their RPCV counterparts in other agencies
  • Allowing prospective employees the opportunity to network and arrange informational interviews or provide career advice

This page is designed to make it easy for groups to advertise their existence and grow their numbers. Anyone with an RPCVW account can post here. Some agencies issue special emails to groups. If you have one, you can use it to create a nonmember account with us here and use it as a proxy to post to our website. See RPCVs@DOL as an example.

If you want to learn more about starting a group, the NPCA has some very useful materials here. Email us directly if you need technical assistance.

RPCV employee resource groups of any size and status are encouraged to post below, just click 'Add A Group'

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