Building Resume and Interview Skills in Columbia Heights

RPCVs know well the challenges of finding a job and constantly improving one's resume! But for people who speak English as a second language, had little formal education, and no university career center or Peace Corps job resources, navigating the resume writing process can be a challenge.

Faircliff Plaza West invited RPCV/W to volunteer with their community center residents in for a resume help session. The Faircliff Plaza West Apartments on 14th and Euclid streets in Columbia Heights is home to over 300 low-income residents, many of whom only speak Spanish. Ten RPCV/W volunteers put those resume writing skills to good use, working with the center's adults and youth in resume writing and formatting, and interview skills. RPCVs gave an overview of resume basics, and then divided up to work one-on-one with residents to help improve their CVs. Volunteers also gave tips and best practices for interview skills. RPCV/W members went to Columbia Heights to eat El Salvadoran pupusas and Honduran baleadas after the community service event.

Cara George, RPCV/W Community Service Director, 2012-2013