Conversation Skills for ESL Students with Language ETC

December's event was with Language ETC, RPCV/W's Partner in Peace. Every year since 2009, RPCV/W chooses a local non-profit organization to be the focus of our community service, programming, and fundraising efforts in what we call the Partnership for Peace. 


This year, our Partner for Peace is Language, Education, and Technology Center (Language ETC), a Dupont Circle area, community-based program offering English and literacy training to low-income adult immigrants in the greater Washington area using volunteer teachers and tutors. Eleven members of RPCV/W attended to provide a resume, cover letter, and interview skills session, as well as attend the weekly Conversation Club.


All were highly attended by the adult students, who were able to practice mock-interviewing, discuss music and current events, and improve their resumes. We look forward to working more with Language ETC in 2013!

Cara George, RPCV/W Community Service Director, 2012-2013