Sonita Singh

New to the area? Looking for a doctor? Our office is located on the corner of 19th and M St, 3 blocks from the Peace Corps office. As an RPCV myself, I’m taking new patients and would welcome RPCVs. After I finished medical school I worked on the border of Mexico in physician shortage areas in Arizona for several years. Now that I'm in DC I joined a top internal medicine practice and am looking forward to serving the RPCV community. Please call (202) 833-7051 during our office hours of 8am-4pm M-F to make an appointment.


-Sonita Singh, MD, MPH 

1850 M Street, NW
Suite 230
Washington, DC 20036

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Sonita Singh

Sonita Singh

First Country of Service
Morocco 1993-1995
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Washington, DC